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Sisterhood of Doom Wiki:

A site dedicated to the Sisterhood of Doom fanfiction universe created by PixelWriter1. The multiverse is based roughly on the Ranma½ universe created by Rumiko Takahashi with a heavy dose of influence from some other sources. A significant subplot also borrows from the Sailor Moon universe by Naoko Takeuchi. PixelWriter1 has, as of this entry, written five stories in this particular multiverse. These are (in chronological order of publication) Aftermath, Desperately Seeking Ranma, When Ranma Met Aiko, The Fugitives, and It All Started at the Museum. The chaos started with Aftermath, which spawned Desperately Seeking Ranma. The other three are somewhat stand-alone stories and filled in historical gaps in the main story line. This site deals with the entire multiverse across all stories, but leaves the tropes to the tropers. Desperately Seeking Ranma is currently at 98 chapters totaling over 1.3 million words, 1.4 million including the prequels, and is ongoing.

Birth of a Wiki: Edit

Hello fellow SOD fans!

This wiki exists to help keep track of the people, places, abilities, and content of the Desperately Seeking Ranma series currently in production by PixelWriter1 on several publishing sites. A few suggestions and requests:

1) There are lots of pages for many different people, places and abilities. To try to catch up with the current status of the story, many of those pages will be stubs, or short entries to jog memory. Please feel free to add to those pages, including any graphics or maps, to fill this out.

2) We have a noticeable lack of graphics on the site. This will take a community to overcome. If you are artistic, select some characters and upload onto the character's page. If you know of appropriate graphics for a page, add them

3) The overall interface for the wiki is basic. If someone wants to enhance it, have at it!

4) Several forum boards have been added with little to nothing in them. Start (or contribute to) a discussion!

5) Use the new map tools to create a map for the pages in the Places category.

6) Last, and most importantly, ENJOY!
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